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Kaelis, the First OBS Equipment Provider to Join IRCG
Since September 2019, Kaelis is a member of the prestigious International Rail Catering Group (IRCG) alongside with Deutsche Bahn, Don Travel, Elvetino and others,  after being unanimously accepted by all members during its annual meeting in Vienna.

Kaelis is very proud to be the first Onboard equipment provider to join this non-profit organisation, which was established as a member organisation in 1965 at a rail catering conference in Kiruna, Sweden.

IRCG’s aim is to promote the value of catering and hospitality of the railway, while Kaelis’ aim is to improve travel experience contributing for a greener tomorrow. Both organisations’ goals are very aligned.
IRCG Kaelis

Kaelis commits to actively participate in this group by meeting leaders in the travel catering industry to share industry expertise and contribute to improving existing rail catering operations and plan for new train concepts and services.