The Secret Psychology of Colour in Business

The Secret Psychology of Colour in Business

By Rocío Córdoba, Marketing Designer


Colour influences our life, affects our purchasing decisions, the way we relate to others and even our mood. That is why it is important to learn to notice and know some of the effects of colour.

Studies say that people make a subconscious judgment about a person, environment or product within the first 90 seconds of observation. Between 62% and 90% of that evaluation is based only on colour.

There is a multitude of factors that can influence a buyer when it comes to provoking a certain impulse during the purchase process, but the most effective are the visual ones, and among them, colour is the king.

Colour is one of the most powerful elements of design, although not universal. The sensation that produces a colour can vary depending on the cultural differences of an individual, in our case, we will talk about the assumptions for the cultural variant of Western countries.

Colour can influence thinking, change actions and provoke reactions.


It inspires energy and evokes strong emotions, such as love, seduction, violence, danger and anger. It stimulates appetite and increases passion and intensity. Also generates a sense of urgency, frequently used in urgent sales.


Inspire happiness, optimism, lighting, creativity and youth. It increases joy and enthusiasm, stimulates mental processes and the nervous system. Encourages communication, but it also means caution. Often used to attract attention.


Associated with the sky and the sea, it generates a feeling of trust, security, loyalty, cleanliness and understanding. It transmits intelligence and authority. It represents calm and serenity. Suppress the appetite. Increase productivity, which is why it is the color most used in offices. It is the most used color in corporate identity.


It is the colour of nature. Associated with wealth. It is the easiest color to process for our eyes. Used in stores to relax. It constitutes health and serenity. Relieve depression and has long been a symbol of fertility.


It symbolizes energy, vitality, joy, emotion, adventure and good health. It reflects excitement and enthusiasm. It shows warmth. Shows caution. It can inspire aggression and generate an important call for subscription, purchase or sale. Represents a friendly, cheerful and safe brand.


Symbol of nobility, luxury and wealth. Used to appease and calm. It represents a creative, imaginative and intelligent brand. It is the color of temperance, lucidity and reflection, it conveys depth, it is related to the emotional, the spiritual and the mystical. It’s the colour of experience. It’s the Kaelis colour.


Useful and sleek, powerful and neat. Used for luxury products. The darker the tone, the more lux it is, when used correctly can communicate glamour, sophistication, exclusivity. Black means elegance, sophistication and power.

The Secret Psychology of Colour in Business