August 17th, 2020


The Power Of Copper Against CoViD19

As the year moves forward, the scientific world is learning more about the SARS-COV-2, and hope is rising. While there are more than 200 vaccines on the process that could be ready by mid-2021, scientists have found the worst enemy of SARS-COV-2: Copper.

For many centuries, copper has been used long before they knew about germs or viruses, people have known of copper’s disinfectant powers. As stated in a recent article of the Smithsonian Magazine: “As far back as 1,600 B.C., the Chinese used copper coins as medication to treat heart and stomach pain as well as bladder diseases. The sea-faring Phoenicians inserted shavings from their bronze swords into battle wounds to prevent infection. For thousands of years, women have known that their children didn't get diarrhea as frequently when they drank from copper vessels and passed on this knowledge to subsequent generations”.1

Recently, The New England Journal Of Medicine made a study on the stability of the SARS-COV-2 on different materials and the findings were revealing. Although the virus decays alone in the environment, it could take more than 72 hours depending on the material of the surface.

On plastic surfaces, the virus can survive up to 72 hours, in which case, if anyone touches that surface, could get infected. The stability of the virus over stainless steel decayed after 48 hours. On cardboard, no virus was found after 24 hours.

On the other hand, The New England Journal Of Medicine’s Researchers have found that copper beat SARS-COV-2 after only four hours, is the best result of the study. The power of the Copper against viruses, fungi and bacteria is millennial and the scientific world has confirmed its power against this new virus once again.

What if onboard products and cabin interiors could be made out of copper? Would that be the solution to rebuild onboard confidence? Is the solution to move towards passenger’s care as a key factor?

For a safer tomorrow!

Federico Heitz

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