March 10th 2020

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Contingency Plan

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, Kaelis has been taking the following actions to ensure operations’ continuity in order to guarantee service to our customers and partners, minimises customer impact, as well as to protect our employees’ health.

September 2019

As we do every year, we encourage our customers to place their call-offs and orders or at least give us their consumption forecasts for all their needs until May 2020 in order to plan and manufacture all merchandise before Chinese New Year (January 2020). This measure that some find unusual is part of our policy of planning the possibility of potential disruptions that can happen during this busy period.  Special attention is given to fulfilment of proper security stock levels when requested by customers.


January 2020

As soon as the outbreak was known in the city of Wuhan (China) we moved the few productions we had in the area to other areas in China.

Kaelis’ CEO, Supply Chain Director and Procurement Manager created a follow-up committee that has been meeting regularly every week to discuss all projects.  


February 2020

Factories in China started opening with 2-4 weeks delay. It is estimated that they will only reach full capacity at the end of March. Due to the measures taken in September 2019, impact is minimum. In the few cases that deliveries are affected, Kaelis carries a policy of total transparency, informing customers of the delays weeks or even months ahead as soon as it is known.

In some cases, alternative factories outside China are used when necessary and possible.


At Headquarters, health and safety guidelines are implemented, including sanitary recommendations, installation of alcohol gel dispensers and policy in case of symptoms.


March 2nd 2020

Kaelis elaborates a plan to implement homeworking to the maximum number of employees based at Madrid Headquarters. In only one week Kaelis is able to implement this measure and today 90% of our employees are already working from home after having taking the following measures:
  • Our CRM/ERP is based in platform which is cloud based. All company operations can be controlled and accessed through any computer or even mobile device in the World. We have been using and perfecting this system since 2007;

  • All our files and documents are stored in Google Drive (Cloud Based);

  • Internal communications are carried out via Google Mail and Slack;

  • Corporate mobile phones with all necessary applications have been given to all members of the team that are homeworking;

  • All internal and external meetings will be carried out via audio or video conferencing; and

  • Succession plans are put in place for all departments.


Additionally, Kaelis has requested their suppliers to provide Contingency Plans to guarantee service.


Please rest assured that Kaelis has put all measures in place to guarantee the continuity of your service and minimise risks.




Federico Heitz