March 2023

A great take-off this year, a first quarter that has been full of excitement with great news and new opportunities.

We celebrate 26 years of Kaizen (continuous improvement), and just taking a peak at the past we feel immensely thankful for this amazing journey, which would have not been possible without your trust in us, and the wonderful Kaelis’ team, everyone who has been and continues to be a part of this family.

We finished 2022 with an excellent NPS score of 71, filling us with immense gratitude and pride. As we look ahead, we have the OBH awards coming up, where we are proudly presenting a whole range of products in a variety of categories to enhance passenger experience onboard.

We welcome you aboard another flight, another year, hope to see you soon at the WTCE 2023 in Hamburg.

Enjoy your reading!

Federico Heitz



It's time to vote!

We would be grateful if you could vote for us in the Onboard Hospitality Awards 2023. Online voting will close on Friday, March 24th 2023.

With over 130 amazing entries across 18 categories, the competition is fierce. And with this year’s winners once again set to be announced on the show floor at WTCE in Hamburg in front of an audience guaranteed to be filled with airline delegates, it’s more important than ever to cast your vote and help your favourite products make it through to the next stage.

Icelandair sustainably easing overnight stays


Icelandair has partnered with Kaelis to design an overnight kit for passengers whose flight has been canceled, which is also eco-friendly.

LATAM Goes Plastic-Free with Kaelis

Adhering to LATAM’s sustainability goals, the airline gets rid of all its single-use plastic packaging in its business class cabins all across the floors and isles. Together with Kaelis, the airline has developed sustainable reusable packaging for its mattress pillow and duvet onboard.

Air Astana Making Waves with its Infant Kit Onboard by Kaelis


Travelling from a young age can be quite a challenge, both for the parents and the baby, it is easy to misplace or forget important items. Having the basic essentials at hand, however, make the whole experience a memorable one.

26th Anniversary!


This year, Kaelis is celebrating its 26th anniversary and improving its travel experience. đźŽ‰ A big thank you to our whole team, our clients, and everyone in our value chain!

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