January  21st, 2020
Checking-in your Coat Becomes Easier in KLM Flights
All KLM’s Business Passengers enjoy now a more efficient coat check-in service, as long-haul flights are equipped with Kaelis’ exclusive two-wheel coat hanger.

Kaelis’ coat hanger is an elegant time saver whose practicality simplifies business class passenger boarding in bigger planes, efficiently reducing the chances of misplacing passengers’ belongings.

The hanger has two wheels built-in. All you need to do is turn its wheels to set your passengers’ seat number before hanging up their jacket. With this device, there is no need for KLM’s crew to collect the passengers’ boarding pass anymore.

KLM’s hanger is made of ABS plastic and has been personalised in KLM’s  white and blue colours.
Kaelis’ team thanks KLM for trusting us!

kaelis KLM coat hanger

Kaelis holds a patent on this product.
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