v One Long Journey into the Future
February 2022

One Long Journey into the Future

This journey began 25 years ago in a small basement office with a single idea, making the world a more flat place. That is helping our customers to get the most innovative products in the most competitive possible way….. globally. Little did we know what a crazy ride it would be to become one of the top independent providers of onboard products, services and solutions of the travel industry worldwide, with a strong focus on improving travel experience. Today over 1 billion passengers have access to our products every year.

Imagining, developing and producing onboard products evolved to creating onboard experiences. Our world and industry changed, travellers now think and act differently. We entered a new era where small changes matter and ideas are more powerful than ever, ideas like Mission ECO.

Besides Improving Travel Experience, now our goal is also to take it to the next level, by creating smart concepts that could make our future greener, safer and more sustainable. By thinking of the future, we secured our position and one of our core values, innovation. It is not the strongest of species that survive, it is the one that is most adaptable to change. This came as a lesson in the most humbling possible way, during a pandemic that has posed the greatest challenge in the history of our Industry, lasting longer than anyone foresaw 2 years ago. With the hard work of our great team, Kaelis quickly adapted to the new normal and not only managed to survive but became stronger and more resilient, being a key support to our customers when they needed it more.

This gave us a new perspective, it is no longer about Kaelis’ journey, it is not about one company, it is about our people, customers and stakeholders. About our future generations.

We celebrate this anniversary renewing the promise of making the travel experience better in every possible way, inspiring everyone in our value chain, travellers and every stakeholder to imagine a better world, one we can appreciate, know and travel in, a world where everyone is included and needed, a world where dreams can still become true.

Last but not least, I really want to thank all the team members that have worked in our company as well as all customers that trusted us all these years. Without you, we wouldn´t be where we are today.

The journey has just begun... To the next 25!

Federico Heitz
Kaelis World, CEO