December 1st, 2022


The Past and the Future with Air Astana


Air Astana once again surprises its young travelers with a brand new kit on board. The airline celebrating its 20th anniversary brings aviation history to the little ones with a fun twist to it.
Starting with the imagination of flying, the kids aged 3-6 receive a magic carpet kit with a bag that unfolds into a picnic carpet, for them to use with family and friends post the flight, along with exciting activities related to the early days of aviation to keep them entertained. The slightly older kids, 7-11 get a retro pilot aviator bag, which they can boost off with friends or at school. To top this, both sets have a pair of great quality headphones for kids to enjoy the entertainment onboard and after.


Looking at the future, Air Astana presents the 2 age groups with a futuristic comfortable backpack. A Diagonal strap that can be adjusted either left or right, adds a swag to the bag and the bright colors make these pop. The smaller kids get a neck pillow to sleep comfortably on the flight and future travel escapades whilst the older ones with an additional detachable mobile pouch and sunglasses. Both sets are equipped with fun and educational activities that the kids can play whilst on board and later with the family creating that beautiful bond through the journey, and tapping into the importance of family in the Kazakh culture.

The materials for these kits have been carefully chosen keeping the environment in mind. The after use of these bags was an integral part of the design, with sustainability as a priority throughout the whole process. The Aviation history set is made with natural canvas material whilst the future of travel is made with upcycling plastic waste from landfills, and recycled into these beautiful and functional backpacks.

Additionally the bags come with a QR code that explains a little bit more about the history of aviation in an entertaining way through a short video, as well as a video about Air Astana in the Skies for 20 years.

 The team at Kaelis was thrilled to accompany Air Astana in the development and production of these magnificent kits, in line with their Mission ECO and improving travel experience.

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