Copptech Easy Implementation with Kaelis


June 25th, 2021


The Easy Implementation of Groundbreaking Technology for the Travel Industry


In mid-2020, the independent leader for onboard products and services, Kaelis, partnered with the number one company in Biotechnology to launch its groundbreaking product line “Kaelis Protected By Copptech”.

This product line has the ability to eliminate all bacteria, fungi and viruses, including SARS-COV-2, which causes CoViD19, thanks to a patented mixture of copper and zinc, which can now be applied in onboard products.

One of the main characteristics of this technology is the ease of implementation in the products due to the way of integration in the manufacturing process.

Kaelis has been using the technology as follows:

Within raw material

Kaelis uses Copptech's patented technology in raw material masterbatches, using the antimicrobial interacted polymer option. By using this process, Kaelis has been producing trays, tumblers, jugs, ice buckets, lids, cutlery and also has the ability to introduce it in any product that is moulded. The protection offered with this implementation is permanent. Yes, that is right: Permanent.

Within  Textiles’ Threads
When entering an aeroplane, our first contact is with textiles, from the headrest, pillows and blankets. Kaelis is already developing these products with an antimicrobial thread that allows them to always be free of bacteria and viruses. Kaelis can extend these properties to crew uniforms or aprons. The protection offered with this implementation is permanent. Yes, that is right: Permanent.
On Textiles’ Finished Products 

Kaelis has also been implementing, upon request, the use of the antimicrobial membrane on finished goods. It is applied like a lacquer, giving a final finish to the product with its microbial properties, which last up to 50 washing cycles.

This is how the Onboard Services Industry continues to advance towards a better and safer future, and with the reactivation of the Travel industry, this technology becomes a very important piece in its success.

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For a safer tomorrow!