September 14th, 2021


OBH AWARD WINNER: Middle East Airlines Comfort Set is the Best Onboard Textile for Business and First Class

The Onboard Hospitality Awards Ceremony, one of the most prestigious awards in our industry, was held yesterday online from London.

For the Best Onboard Textiles Award, the judges chose the Comfort Set, designed by Kaelis for Lebanon's national carrier Middle East Airlines for Business class passengers.

The contemporary looking set’s signature is its colours, patterns and cosy materials, thought out to enhance the travel experience.

The beautiful blanket, included on the set, is grey and azure blue, which gives a harmonious and elegant look. It is made of plush and microfiber so the touch feeling is smooth and cushioned. Together MEA and Kaelis created this set thinking on passenger’s needs, the size is perfect for a comfortable rest while flying on MEA’s routes.

The blanket has a quilted pattern that allows the filling to warm equally its surfaces, and the embroidered logo gives a sophisticated touch to the whole item.

The pillow has a distinguished and contemporary design with geometric and patterns following the same colour pallet as the blanket. As a final touch, the MEA logo was thoughtfully placed on its front. The pillowcase is made of peach skin so the texture is soft and comfortable.

This Award-Winning comfort set excels in its design, constructs and materials, which elevates the travel experience to a new level.

Kaelis thanks Middle East Airlines for trusting us in this amazing and award-winning project and thanks to OBH Magazine for this recognition.

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