Reasons for Using Ultra-Low Stacking Hot Food Container

Kaelis’ oven-ready disposable food containers are designed with an equal focus on technical features as on optimizing its handling, usability and safety to meet future regulations - no migration.

Its key advantages are:

Cost Savings: Reduce storage space by 67% as stacking space is reduced from 5mm to 1mm, which leads to a significant reduction in warehousing, transportation unloading and transit packaging costs.

Mono Material: It is made of C-PET, which has high barrier properties for ultimate third-party labs tested food protection (no migration).

Stable: Less than 20-seconds cooling-down period and C-PET containers become stable again.

Easy to De-Nest: Suitable for manual de-nesting as well as standard de-nesting machines.

No Migration: Guarantees food safety.

-40ºC to 220ºC: It can be used either for cold or hot meals.

Better Quality: Premium material, shapes and textures.

Available in any Colour: Available in any colour and the dual colour is also available.

Recycle: It can be included in a close-loop PET recycling system.

Eco-Friendly: It is made of up to 70% recycled PET.

Microwave Friendly: It can be heated in a microwave.

Cost Savings

Ultra Low Stacking:Optimise your Business Processes
Reduced Transportation & Unloading Costs
Decrease in labour cost through reduction in internal handling of deliveries to a warehouse. Less carbon footprint and less CO2 emissions through fewer miles per delivery.
Reduced Warehouse Storage, Transit Packaging & Internal Transportation
Cost savings at your warehouse through less square meters and pallets, reducing environmental impact in the supply chain. In addition, it also reduces handling costs for the same amount of food containers:
  • Warehouse to warehouse; and
  • Warehouse to the production.

Recycling Material and its Cycle

Our ultra-low stacking food containers are made of up to 70% recycled plastic, which is cleaned again on site and formed with a top layer, providing an additional functional barrier for even better food safety.

Once used it can be included in a PET recycling system. See recycling cycle below:

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