An Innovative Beverage Pot

Kaelis has participated in a long-term project to develop a new beverage pot for the onboard market industry. This was a multidisciplinary project involving experts from different areas: Inflight, Design, Product Development, Marketing, Catering, Procurement, Quality and Crew members.

In December 2018, Kaelis has been award the Mercury’s Best Equipment for Passenger.

New Beverage Pot

Safety Innovations

Permanently Attached Lid: The lid will not get lost as it is attached to its body. There will not be any expenses related to lid replacement.

Anti Spill/Leakage: Its pick has been designed to prevent spillage, leakage and drop.

Safe Handle: Safe distance from the handle to the body of the pot to prevent burns.

High-Impact Resistance: A combination of advanced materials and engineering/production techniques allows safety against breakage: the jug will neither break nor disassemble if dropped from 1.5m (freefall) upon the floor of the aircraft, withstanding the high pressure of the liquid when full. In addition,  the hinge has a high impact resistance that also provides safety and durability.

Safety-Lid Lock: Ergonomic and easy-to-handle built-in lid locker that prevents leakage and accidents throughout the service and in the event of falling/dropping from the trolley - freefall onto hard carpeted aircraft floor.


Ergonomic Innovations

Lightweight: Its design has been studied, featuring a hollow handle to ease pressure on the hand.

Thumb rest: Its handle has a specific shape to accommodate the thumb.

Funcionality Innovations

Perfect Flow: Optimal liquid flow allowing the fastest service and preventing sudden overflow/accidents.

Fit to Beverage Maker: Fits into a wide range of aircraft brewing machines.

Hotplate Compatible: Only its bottom is made of metal as it is heated by induction directly in the coffee maker machine.

Maintenance Innovations

Easy Clean: Withstands airline industrial washing process at high temperature.

Anti-Stains: Its surface allows for maximum rotations/lifecycle without scratches.

Anti-Scratch: Its minimal design lines avoids residual stains after high-temperature washing, which is recommended for quick drying and no stains.

High Durability: Its material and design allow for maximum rotations/lifecycle.

Design Innovations

Customisation: Elegant customization possibilities through embossed colour logo and/or custom colour on body and/or lid.

Approved Tested: Repeatedly tested by the crew in real flight conditions until full approval.

Made in Europe: Produced at a European factory.

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