May 14th, 2019
My Dream is to Fly with Turkish Airlines: Kids Amenity Kit
Kaelis and Turkish Airlines have worked together to develop a new Kids’ kit. Turkish Airlines has given us the opportunity to develop this fun set that will allow the imagination of young travellers to fly, whilst enhancing their in-flight experience. This unique cloud shape bag brings entertainment, fun and comfort all in one for these little but very special passengers!
Turkish Airlines Kids Kit. Kaelis
Each Kids’ amenity kit contains:
  • Cloud shaped amenity bag with a zipper for children to re-use during and after the flight;
  • Slippers - smaller sizes than traditional ones - to provide comfort for the little ones;
  • Headphones with expandable headbands to adjust to each child’s head and soft cushions;
  • Non-slip and super soft socks with matching cloud shaped rubber tread to provide safety in every step;
  • Fun printed Eyemask; and
  • Toothbrush and White Glow Kids’ toothpaste.
All items have been designed exclusively and in coordination with the versatile cloud-shaped bag. These items can be used during and after the flight as well as being a memento of their trip to take home and cherish.
Thank you Turkish Airlines for your trust and for bringing the excitement back to flying! Kaelis’ team looks forward to working with you in future projects.

For more information, please contact us!