September 26th , 2018

Flying with Air Astana will be Fun and Educational for Children

Is it possible for kids to have fun and learn at the same time on a  flight? Yes, it is.

Kaelis’ design team has worked with Air Astana to create a concept that will captivate kids and grown-ups.

Our main objective was to provide children with something not only fun and educational but also something that they could use after the flight and a gift that they could always remember.
Kaelis has developed a Kid’s Kits that will “fly” with Air Astana. Every concept corresponds with a specific character and they come in two ranges:
  • Junior for kids aged between 3-6: Super chef, Smashing Super Hero and Voluntary Vet; and
  • Senior for aged between 7-11: Amazing Architect, Dangerous Detective and Extreme Explorer.
Imagination is an inherent quality that kids have. Using their skills, Air Astana will give them an opportunity to become their dream character: Chef, Architect, etc.

The first kits to fly were “Super Chef” for juniors and “Architect” for seniors, two very useful and complete kits that will also be useful for the children’s daily tasks. The unique bag designs and interior products will make their characters come to life.
Charming Super Chef: This goodie bag comes with everything you need to become a super chef. Air Astana’s Children Passengers will use their time on the flight to learn and discover new recipes and invent their own. They can design their menu with their favourite dishes/ cuisine.

Smashing Super Hero: Air Astana’s Children Passengers have been chosen to become a true Air Astana’s Super Hero/Heroine, joining the team with other Superheroes to save the world from all evil. The pack comes with instructions, which will explain their mission.

Voluntary Vet: Their love for animals makes Air Astana’s Children Passengers the perfect Veterinarian. In their bag, they will find all they need to cure their pets and acquire knowledge on how to be a Fabulous Vet.

Amazing Architect: Air Astana’s Children Passengers will make the world their canvas and allow their ideas to flow. They will imagine and design the new building they wished existed in the world. In the bag, kids will find all the tools they need to make it magic.

Dangerous Detective: Air Astana’s Children Passengers will investigate the latest happenings in the world. They will be given various tasks, where they will have to discover the When Why and How of Things. In their journey, many secrets will be revealed - Beware!

Extreme Explorer: Orel is a fun loving eagle who will accompany Air Astana’s Children Passengers throughout their journey. He knows all the secrets of the hidden places of the world. They will explore every corner of the world with Orel and Air Astana.

Thank you Air Astana for your trust!

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