A Milestone For The Travel Industry


Only by convincing passengers that travelling is safe, we will make this industry thrive again.

Kaelis, as one of the leaders of the Onboard Service industry, signed an exclusive agreement with Copptech, the World leader in biocidal technology, which marked an important milestone not only in the fight against the current pandemic but also for the travel industry in general.

The agreement between the two companies translated into a bridge between the travel industry and the latest in biocidal technology, tested and certified by the University of Southampton, as capable of eliminating 99% of SARS-COV-2, the virus that causes the CoViD19 disease.

The technology that is now available for any travel company thanks to this agreement also eliminates bacteria and fungi, which means that aviation companies now have the opportunity to offer safer environments for everyone and thus reduce the spread of different diseases.

Kaelis by Copptech technology can be applied to most on board products, such as textiles, plastics and any kind of surface applied as a coating.

The products developed with this certified technology do not present any kind of harm to the environment or to people’s health, so it also aligns with our business anchors.

Investing in the health and safety of our crews and passengers will pay huge dividends in the coming years.

Please let me know when we can have a call with you or any member of our team to discuss this fantastic innovation.

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