The key points of our CSR Policy are grouped into five pillars:

1. Sustainability

Kaelis also recognises its responsibility to protect and preserve the environment for future generations. This is the main reason why all of our activities are centred around reducing our impact on the environment. Click here to read more on our Sustainability Policy.

2. Quality

Kaelis is concerned with quality in all aspects and that is why its participation in today’s society goes beyond our intent in enlarging our business portfolio. Click here to read more on our Quality Policy.

3. Equal Opportunity

Kaelis promotes an equal opportunity workplace by treating all people equally or similarly and not disadvantaged by prejudices or bias. This means that the best person for a job or a promotion is the person who earns that position based on qualifications, experience and knowledge.

As of February 2024, Kaelis overall female gender ratio was 60.5% which is much higher than the International Labour Organisation worldwide figure of 40.0%. Kaelis management female gender rate is 37.5%, which is also much higher than the 29% figure published by a research carried out by the prestigious research house Grant Thornton.

4. Donations

    4.1 Time Donation

Kaelis believes that the whole purpose of a company cannot be only the creation of wealth, but to make an impact in society, that is why we collaborate with Areteia School in order to give kids with special needs the opportunity to practise by donating 1% of our working time in a year to teach them the operation of each of our departments.

    4.2 Product Donation

Kaelis has created a Product Donation program that includes donations of blankets and/or other Kaelis products (product value up to 1% of its annual net profit) to pre-selected non-profit organisations in countries where its customers are based.

5. Trusted International Organisations

Since November 2016, Together with our suppliers, Kaelis has joined trusted International Organisations like Sedex and United Nations Global Compact, guaranteeing certified responsible and ethical business practices in our supply chain.


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