Design to Arquitecture and Back

Design to Arquitecture and Back

By Manoj Pridhanani, Creative Manager


Architecture is not just a representation of history, but actually a reflection or even a timeline of what a city has gone through. These beautiful structures are a diary that allows us to read into time, the past and the present. A million feet have walked over the roads we tread today and probably most eyes have ignored these magnanimous structures. However, this doesn’t take away from the importance that architecture holds. It gives a city its identity, its speaks to the visitors that inhabit a space at a given time, it stands tall and reflects our culture.

Stemming from the vision of an architect, a whole team comes together to create these structures, every detail is considered. Although its only the facade that the majority of the people will perceive, it is the interiors that create our home or workplace.

The architecture of Madrid, speaks volumes about its past, you can actually track down the different times this amazing city has lived, be it the renaissance period or the transformation during the modernization post the civil war. One can, however, decide not to read into so much detail and just enjoy the visuals. Either way it creates an impact, it stays with you beyond that moment and enriches you.

Inspired by design we come full circle when architecture becomes an inspiration to our designs. This is the power of architecture. We are immersed in this sea and it forms a part of us, as it is these buildings that create the space we inhabit and affects us in more than one way.

Design is therefore an important notion to consider when deciding on future structures, as it will not only be a part of our current state, be the space that we live in, but will inspire generations to come in all shapes and forms.

Look around, be aware, stop by and take some time to admire the beauty around you. It might just open doors to untrodden paths within. Allow architecture to inspire you.