WTCE 2019 Highlights
WTCE 2019 Dinner Party
Air Astana´s Kids Kits by Kaelis
Kaelis Corporate Video
WTCE 2018 Highlights
WTCE 2018 Dinner Party
WTCE 2017 Highlights
WTCE 2017 Dinner Party - 20th Anniversary!
WTCE 2015 Dinner Party
A Glimpse of WTCE 2015 Show
How Did We Create the Leaf Ceramic set?
How Did We Create Cobble?
How Did We Create Muno?
How Did We Create Rekko?
RHT Casserole
Business Class Coat hanger - Rotus
4 Content Selector - Lidia
Ice Bucket - Slim
Newspaper and Magazines Trolley Cover - Newsy
Rack Dispenser - Rockie
Advertising Headrest Cover - Ecco
Advertising Trolley Hanger - Gline