A message to Kaelis´Stakeholders

A message to Kaelis´Stakeholders

By Federico Heitz, CEO


In the last few weeks, Spain has made the international headlines, unfortunately for the wrong reasons this time. The irresponsible actions of certain politicians in Catalonia have caused an undesirable bad image for that region and in some extension to the whole country.
I want to assure all Kaelis stakeholders, specially the international ones that are watching this situation through the media, it is business as usual for Kaelis for the following reasons:

  • Kaelis is a global company. It is headquartered in Madrid, Spain, but also with offices in Chile, UAE, China and Russia. We have an international team spread around the world to make sure we give the best possible service to our customers. We manage a global supply chain operation. For instance, 90% of our customers and 95% of our suppliers are outside Spain.

  • The situation in Spain, and specially in Madrid, is business as usual. It is true that almost 2,000 companies have moved out of Catalonia to other Spanish regions, many of them coming to Madrid. However, Spain is still home to some of the best companies in their respective industries, such as: Inditex, Telefonica, Santander, Ferrovial (owners of BAA) and many others.

  • Spanish economy is living its best moment in the last ten years. Unemployment is at record low and GDP growth is one of the highest in the Developed World.

  • Spanish Government has the full support of the European Union and the International Community in its stance over the Catalonia issue, and most important, the majority of Catalans do not want the independence from Spain.

  • For all these reasons, rest assured that Kaelis will keep working hard to add value, contribute to customer success and improve travel experience worldwide.