Business Class Coat Hanger – Rotus

Kaelis' business coat hanger is an elegant time saver whose practicality simplifies first and business class passenger boarding, efficiently reducing the chances of misplacing the passenger's belongings.

Our business class hanger has two or three wheels built in, depending on the configuration of your aircrafts. All you need to do is turn its wheels to enter your passenger's seat number before hanging up their jacket. With this device, the crew can easily identify the owner and there is no need for them to collect passenger's boarding passes anymore. Passenger effects are hung up systematically to ease locating.

Your business passengers will definitely appreciate this when they get their welcome drink quicker. On the other hand, other travellers will appreciate quicker boarding if it is done from a single entrance.

This hanger can be made of wood or plastic and there are different finishing polishes.

Please note that this hanger can also be used in the Premium Economy service, in case your seats do not include a coat hook.

Kaelis holds a patent on this product.