Ultra Stackable Disposable Food Containers

Kaelis’ oven-ready disposable food containers are designed with an equal focus on technical features as on optimising its handling, usability and safety to meet future regulations. Its key advantages are:

  • Reduce storage space by 67% as staking space is reduced from 5mm to 1mm, which leads to a significant reduction in warehousing, transportation unloading and transit packaging costs.
  • Mono material, made of C-PET, has high barrier properties for ultimate third-party labs tested food protection (no migration).
  • Easy to de-nest. Suitable for standard de-nesting machines.
  • Made of up to 70% recycled plastic and it can be included in a PET recycling system.
  • Less than 20-seconds cooling down period and C-PET containers become stable again.
  • Premium shapes, textures and dual colour available.
  • Kaelis will be able to offer a on-site compressor machine and pick up and disposal service in order to fully close the recycling loop. Let's analyse your project and locations. This is a great solution to help the environment.

Kaelis holds a patent on this product.